Do we have to use a preferred caterer?

Unlike other spaces, we do not require you to use any preferred caterer.   We pride ourselves on being a space that represents the melting pot of food and cultural identities that Madison is defined by.   Use whatever licensed caterers in whatever mixture you want.   We know that our guests want a mix of different foods at their events and some of our guests do not want to be bogged down by minimum catering costs.  Our event coordinators will be happy to provide a list of nearby restaurants to suit every taste.   Our downtown location makes it simple for delivery options. Our space includes a large fridge/freezer.

What about alcohol?

At Groove, we are happy to allow you to bring canned/bottled beer or wine or premixed cocktails in large beverage dispensers.   There’s no need for bartenders in this space.  At our beverage station area, your guests can serve themselves a glass of wine or grab a can of beer out of our beverage cooler.   We also have use of our large 17 cubic ft fridge for holding of any drinks as well.   Take home all the alcohol you don’t consume.

What other amenities do you provide?

In our space, we have a blue tooth music system that can easily hook up to your phone for music.  We have a state of the art projector as well.   Also provided is a 115 can beverage cooler, 17 cubic foot refridgerator/freezer, microwave and tables and chairs for 48 people.

What about the videos & photos?

Groove has a dedicated photo booth / slow motion video space for guests to enjoy.  Leave your event with a memory that you can look at for years to come! Guests get the choice of a digital photo slide show from all the photos in our photo booth, or an edited video montage set to music (1-2 mins long).  Individual digital photo delivery for printing offsite, individual digital videos, photo strip prints, and 4×6 photos can be added to your package for an additional fee.  Inquire for pricing.

What is a slow motion video booth?!

What? You don’t know?!!   Well, you are in for a treat!   Guests will enter our slo mo booth area. Our booth isn’t really a “booth”.  Its an open air concept area about 10 ft by 10 ft. Your guests will choose from a variety of over $700 worth of props.   Once in the booth, the slo mo booth operator will help your guests come up with a fun game plan on what to do in their videos!  Guests will then dance around and groove to the music –  mainly, its important to move fast so that when its played back its a real riot!  The video will then be played back in our playback area on an HDTV for guests to look at and LAUGH at!    Once you’ve done it, you’ll be addicted,  we pinky swear promise!

Are you available for hourly rental for use for workshops, classes, meetings, or small corporate events?

Yes! Our hope is to create a space right around the square that is filled with variety and fun! We are actively looking for  dance, yoga,  photographers,  makers workshops, and digital tech classes to utilize our space.   Inquire about hourly/monthly pricing rates to hold your class here.    We have 1  month, 3 month, and 6 month membership options for those that wish to use our space on a more regular basis.

We also have an hourly meeting rate for our non-peak hours (Mon-Thurs 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.).

What if I don’t want a slo mo video booth? Can I get photos?

Yes!  We have a photo booth option.  Just ask and we can likely come up with an option that works for you. We also have the option to do photo strips as well.   You can purchase a scrapbook or bring your own for a guest book option or we can do a digital slideshow set to music of all the photos taken at your event.

I’m getting married!  What are some things that I can do at the space?

Woohoo! Congratulations!  We are so excited to share some of the fun you can have at Groove!   Groove is perfect for engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and bachelorette parties!   Why rent another space and get bogged down by minimum catering costs and constricted menus?  Not only do we allow you the variety to have whatever type of party you want, but we also give you a memory you can walk away with in our edited video/photo montages!

Check out our Pre-Wedding Events page for more information!

What about kids? Do you have special events for them?

Yes!  Please follow our Facebook page to be kept up to date on all of our public events.  Some of the events we have coming up:

  • Halloween Costume Party – Attend and get a video with your family all dressed up in Halloween costumes!   Play at fun game stations with Halloween games!
  • Thanksgiving Family Slo Mo Video Sessions –  Come in with your family and get a video and photo montage to share instead of your usual Christmas Card!
  • Christmas Santa Sessions – Come get a slo mo video session and photo with Santa!  Skip the lines and get a slot in our Santa Sessions.  While you wait, play games and then get called up for your slot.  Each slot is 15 minutes in length.  We will take 5 videos and 5 photos. You will receive all photos and videos included.
  • Rainy Day Princess Parties – Dress up like a princess and come to Groove –  We’ll have a tea party and read stories about princesses, dance around in the Slo Mo Booth and get a video to share with all your friends!
  • Rainy Day Superhero Parties – Dress up like a superhero and come to Groove – We’ll have a storytime session and dance around in the Slo Mo Booth and get a video to share with all your friends!

Dig the groove..